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Redcliffe Wall of Fame in the Jetty Arcade

Updated: May 29

Residents pride in their town or city is influenced by many factors. Whether it be its historic past or even from those citizens past and present, who have achieved fame in their chosen profession or activity. Redcliffe has been blessed with many such citizens from all walks of life. Some dating back to Redcliffe’s inception in 1824, others are modern day achievers and many in between.

In 2013, at the initiation of local Redcliffe identity Richard Lancaster and the generosity of the landlord of the CBD’S Jetty Arcade, Dennis Austen, `The Wall of Fame` was constructed in the Jetty Arcade, between 139 Redcliffe Parade and 134 Suttons St, Redcliffe 4020.

A 135 page downloadable pdf book featuring biographies of all 120 listed on the Redcliffe Wall of Fame is now available. Included are historical maps and aerial photos along with a comprehensive history of early explorers, politicians, charity workers, artists, musicians, sporting identities and business owners that have helped shape Redcliffe .

The 135 page pdf book can be downloaded at the following link:

An example copy of this ebook is available to view in shop 12a in the Cominos Arcade. 133 Redcliffe Parade.

The entire collection can be found at:

and the form to apply for future names on the Wall Of Fame is available at the following link: Click Here

A complete list of people listed in the Redcliffe Wall Of Fame in alphabetical order:

Gibb Family (Bee Gees)


A 135 page pdf book featuring all Wall Of Famers can be downloaded at the following link:

The entire collection can be found at: 


The Jetty Arcade also has a large selection of framed historical photos and maps including some of Redcliffe's most iconic names including :

The Suttons Beach Ambulance Day Picnic and Sungirls event:

The Gayundah drawing:

Dixon's 1843 map of Moreton Bay:

Graham Higham - Redcliffe's first Olympian:

The Gibb Family and Bee Gees Redcliffe history

The history of the Dolphins Rugby League:

Holden history:

The history of Redcliffe movie playing in the Jetty Arcade 24 hours a day:

Historical scrolls of the original Convict settlement in 1824 with a list convicts and soldiers names and details, (from the Pictorial History Of Redcliffe Book 1824 to 1949)

All 64 vintage Redcliffe, Scarborough, Woody Point, Margate and Clontarf land sale maps in one large frame.

A 135 page pdf book featuring all Wall Of Famers can be downloaded at the following link:


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