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Redcliffe Wall of Fame in the Jetty Arcade

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Residents pride in their town or city is influenced by many factors. Whether it be its historic past or even from those citizens past and present, who have achieved fame in their chosen profession or activity. Redcliffe has been blessed with many such citizens from all walks of life. Some dating back to Redcliffe’s inception in 1824, others are modern day achievers and many in between.

In 2013, at the initiation of local Redcliffe identity Richard Lancaster, a group of business people approached the Moreton Bay Regional Council seeking permission to create a `Walk of Icons in the Redcliffe CBD. To add substance to the request, support was sought and obtained from the Redcliffe Chamber of Commerce.

The `Walk of Icons` would be located on the footpaths of Redcliffe Parade and would consist of a series of metal plaques set into the pavements, at intervals. Each plaque would have the name of a Redcliffe icon inscribed on it and would also be numbered. These numbers would be cross referenced to a `Redcliffe Icons` booklet, which would detail the numbered name and history of all of the icons activities. The booklet would be free and available from Council Information Centres. Thus the `Redcliffe Icons` would be instrumental in providing both residents and tourists with a visual history of Redcliffe and be complementary to Bee Gees Way.

As it was considered that the project should be self- funded, local businesses or individuals would be encouraged to sponsor the icons. A committee under the auspices of the Redcliffe Chamber of Commerce, of which Richard Lancaster was Patron, was established. A series of meetings were held between September and December 2013 and progress towards the establishment of the Walk was well under way.

Finally, a complete plan, which included design plans for the icon plaques and total costings and time frame was presented to Council. However the Council rejected the project due to possible traffic disruption and uncertainty as to pedestrian safety relating to the pavement plaques.

Due to the generosity of the landlord of the CBD’S Jetty Arcade, Dennis Austen, `The Walk of Icons` became `The Wall of Fame`, now located in the Jetty Arcade.

We will be posting up on our blog, the entire collection in the order they appear from the Suttons St entrance of the arcade.

A complete list of people listed in the Redcliffe Wall Of Fame:

1.Rene Arnfield

1a. Don Argus

2. Sammy Bell (Boama)

3. Arthur Beeston

4. Trevor Barsby

5. Robert Biancucci

6. Thomas Joseph Byrnes

7. Darrell Butcher

8. Greg Browning

9. Bee Gees

10. Vaughan Bullivant

11. Maroochy Baranbah

12. Stephen Comino

13. Michael Croker

14. Neville Cullen

15. Arthur and Mary Comino

16. Stan Dye

17. Monsignor Frawley

18. Rod Frawley

19. Damien Frawley

20. John Frawley

21. Matthew Flinders

22. Mel Gibson

23. Bill Goode

24. Sir Samuel Griffiths.

25. Ray Hollis

26. Graham Higham

27. Sir Manual Hornibrook

28. Dame Joan Hammond

29. Geoff Huegill

30. James Houghton Snr

31. Marle Juster

32. Leisel Jones

33. Snr Sgt. Darryl Keyes

34. Brian Krause

35. Martin Kent

36. Kerry Lopez

37. Vic Morris

38. Jeff Miller

39. Adam Mogg

40. Ric Morgan

41. John Morgan

42. Kate McShea

43. William McInnes

44. Rupert McCall

45. Craig Moore

46. Lt. Henry Miller

47. Shane Nicholson

48. Ningi Ningi First Nations

49. Private Felix O'Neill

50. Ian 'Bunney' Pearce

51. Stephen Pronk

52. Dr. Clifford Pollard AM

53. Pamplett, Parsons and Finnegan

54. Thomas Petrie

55. Glenn Patching

56. Barry Parnell

57. Graham Reid

58. Rev. John Sutton

59. Jessicah Schipper

60. Tracey Spicer

61. Alex Smith

62. Serge Testa

63. Karin Van Wirdum

64. Norman Von Nida

65. Dick 'Tosser' Turner

66. Tarnee White

67. Terry White

68. Ken Wood

69. Walter Horatio Wilson

​70. Kim Wilkins

71. Myrtle Troyahn

72. Bob Jones

73. Craig Feuerriegel

74. Sean Gordon OAM

75. Tony Murphy

76. Meade Murphy

77. Madeleine Johns

78. Richard Lancaster Fellow AHRI (Life)

79. Santo Perna

80. Janice Charlish

81. Gabi Mika McNaughton

82. Annette Herbener,

83. Leanne Francis

84. Serge Paggiaro

85. Duane Hart

86. Tom Richards

87. Cheryl Jenkins

88. Jaclyn Narracott

89. Kerry Nicholson

90. Jodie Bowering

91. Mary Wood

92. Mary Nairn

93. Des Webb

94. Neville Pask

95. Mavis Filmer

96. Lorraine Fischer BEM

97. Jim Fenwick

98. Bill Hoogwaerts

99. Petero Civoniceva

100. Melissa Gorman

101. Trilby Misso

102. Travis Norton

103. Nikki Osbourne

104. John Oxley

105. Alan Rivett

106. Colin Petersen

107. Andy Gibb

108. George Lipman

109. Brent Tate

110. Norman Thurecht

111. Martin Jonkers OAM

112. Rhonda Thorne-Clayton

113. Dane Carlaw

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