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Gibb Family in Redcliffe and Cribb Island

Updated: Aug 2

Born in Douglas in the Isle of Man to English parents, Hugh and Barbara (nee Pass) the Gibb brothers, Barry (born 1st September 1946) paternal twins Maurice and Robin (born 22nd December 1949) older sister Lesley (born 12th January 1945) and younger brother Andy (born on 5th March 1958 in Stretford, Lancashire) lived in their Dad’s hometown of Chorlton, Manchester, England. in 1955, they formed the skiffle/rock and roll group the Rattlesnakes.

In August 1958, the Gibb family emigrated to Redcliffe and called it home for 16 months until January 1960.

When the family emigrated in August 1958, Andy was only 5 months old, older sister Lesley 13years, Barry 11years, and paternal twins Maurice and Robin were 9 years old.

They lived and visited various houses during their stay on the Peninsula including initially the Orient House flats at Suttons Beach while attending Humpybong School (enrolled on 22nd September 1958 to end of year 1958)

A copy of the complete Humpybong School 1958 register is available for free download the the following link: (The Gibb brothers Maurice and Robin are on page 23)

Download PDF • 12.60MB

Their father Hugh was listed as a photographer on the register and had their initial address as Orient House, at Suttons Beach.

Orient House c. 1980 - Photo from the Moreton Bay Library collection: RLPC-001\001784

A page from the book The Pictorial History Of Redcliffe 1950s1980s.

The house on Tramore Rd was where the Gibb family occasionally visited and played on the front verandah occasionally while they attended Humpybong School for the last term of 1958 (from 22nd September 1958 to the end of term 1958) They lived at Orient House nearby on arriving in Redcliffe in late 1958. (as listed on the school roll)

The 1956 aerial below features the former home of child prodigy drummer, Smiley movie star and original Bee Gees drummer Colin Petersen marked at 17 Eveline St, and Colin lived there and attended Humpybong School for 5 years from 9th March 1953 to July 1958.

The older Gibb brothers attended Humpybong School for the final term from September to December 1958, before changing school to Scarborough State School for the full term in 1959. Andy was a one year old toddler in March 1959 while they lived in Redcliffe.

A page from the Pictorial History Of Redcliffe and Moreton Bay region book 1950s-80s

featuring all the photos and information of the Gibb families time in Redcliffe.

In 1959, Brisbane based Speedcar driver Bill Goode, the promoter of the Redcliffe Speedway (located at the Redcliffe Showgrounds) hired the brothers to entertain the crowds at the speedway from the back of a truck during the interval.

In a letter to the Redcliffe Museum in 1999, Barry Gibb wrote "The smell of the oil, the noise and the atmosphere was incredible. This was the first public appearance Robin, Maurice and I ever made in Australia. We sang through the PA system and people threw money onto the track, and we met Brisbane's leading DJ and racing car driver Bill Gates, who suggested we call ourselves the BG's and even played our songs on his radio show, "Swinging' Gates' Platter Chatter". Hence Redcliffe became the birthplace of the Bee Gees."

They signed a contract on 16th March 1959 at 394 Oxley Ave. (mistakingly written as 395)

A page from the Pictorial History Of Redcliffe and Moreton Bay region book 1950s-80s

featuring all the photos and information of the Gibb families time in Redcliffe.

They also lived at 394 Oxley Ave ( as listed on the school register) and then 12 Fifth Ave Scarborough while attending Scarborough State School for the 1959 term. Enrolling in Feb 1959 until the end of the year in November 1959.

A copy of the complete Scarborough State School 1959 roll is available for free download the the following link: (The Gibb brothers Barry, Maurice and Robin are on page 4)

Download PDF • 12.21MB

Photo of the Gibb brothers taken by Jim Fenwick:

A page from the Pictorial History Of Redcliffe and Moreton Bay region book 1950s-80s

featuring all the photos and information of the Gibb families time in Redcliffe.

They performed in a number of venues during their stay , including the CWA Hall at 189 Redcliffe Parade and the Ace Of Clubs Hall on the 2nd floor of the Cominos Arcade building (where the Seaside Artists Gallery is now located) and the Belvedere Hotel at Woody Point.

March 5th 1959 Redcliffe Herald:"Three young Gibb boys"play upstairs in the Ace of Clubs:

Musical Variety at 4KQ Talent Quest:

"A wide variety of musical talent was displayed at the Ace Of Clubs Hall, Redcliffe on Monday February 23 when radio station 4KQ conducted a regional section of its Talent Quest. During the first part of the programme, Mr Andy Stevens of 4KQ introduced the artists, whore performances were recorded so that they could be broadcast the next evening.

Artists participating in the broadcast were Messrs. Minton, Higgs, Tarry and Turnbull Instrumental quartet) David Lee (Piano accordion) Lorral Tyler (vocalist) Len Bristow (pianist)

Herbert and Keys (guitar duet) Three Gibb Boys (vocal trio) Elaine Andrews and Gillian Ongley ( piano accordion duet) Mr Thomas (vocalist) and Mrs G Harkin (Vocalist)

Mr W Winch compered the second part of the programme which again included Mr Minton's instrumental quartet and the three young Gibb boys"

Carolyn Sawdry performed brightly in a tap dance with hoop swinging, Suzanne Siemen and Mary Hall gave piona accordion items, and Shirley Morrisey sang popular numbers. Further variety was added by Peter and Even Johnson (western duet with guitar) Ian Skennerton (pianist) Colin Duffy (impersonator) B. Minton (vocal and instrumental) and Mrs Morrisey (vocal) Horrie Ridley of 4KQ was pianist during the first part of the programme then he gave an impressive rendition of the Warsaw Concerto. Mrs E. Bristol was accompanist for artists in the second half and also gave pleasing piano solos. Proceeds from the evening benefitted Humpybong Welfare Committee and the president, (Mrs McGlashan) thanked 4KQ staff and their efforts. She thanked also the artists who had taken part, Colin Duffy for the loan of his loudspeaker, Earl Juster who had donated an iced fruit cake, which was raffled to swell the Welfare Committe's funds, and the Comino family, who had allowed the committee free use of the Ace of Clubs for both the auditions and the talent quest"

They also performed at Mavis Filmer's Palace Hotel in 1959, each receiving a bottle of coke each for performing and their parents Hugh and Barbara enjoying a free beer for their efforts.

A page from the Pictorial History Of Redcliffe and Moreton Bay region book 1950s-80s

featuring all the photos and information of the Gibb families time in Redcliffe.

They moved to Cribb Island in January 1960 and and lived there for 18 months attending Cribb Island State School (January 25th 1960 to April 1961)

They lived at 20 Elmslie St, Cribb Island for their time at Cribb Island.

On 5 June 1961, Robin Hugh Gibb and Maurice Ernest Gibb joined the Northgate State School community – Robin in Grade 6A and Maurice in Grade 6B. and attended Northgate School (June to August 1961) living at 244 Nudgee Rd.

The Gibb brothers outside their home in Northgate, Brisbane.

Mrs M. Pass of Portwood St, Redcliffe, the Gibb family grandmother, visits the Bee Gees in the UK:

The Bee Gees went on to be among the best-selling music artists of all time, winning five Grammy Awards and selling over 120 million records worldwide (with estimates as high as over 200 million records sold worldwide)

In 2013, Moreton Bay Regional Council unveiled a 70-metre monument connecting Redcliffe Parade and Sutton Street, and renamed the alley Bee Gees Way Redcliffe. In 2015, Barry Gibb himself returned for the Grand Opening of Bee Gees Way stage 2.

Window display at shop 12a in the Cominos Arcade - 133 Redcliffe Parade:

A link to the original Bee Gees drummer Colin Petersen's history in Redcliffe is at:

The Official Bee Gees Fan Club Australia website is at:


The Gibb Family- Bee Gees are listed on the wall of the Redcliffe Wall of Fame:

A collection of portrait and information honouring the achievements of individuals who have influenced and shaped Redcliffe. The collection is in the Jetty Arcade at 139-141 Redcliffe Parade.

For a complete list of people who appear on the wall click on the following blog post:

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