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Belvedere Hotel history

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Originally built in the 1890’s for Mrs Jamieson, the building was originally used as a boarding house.

In 1902 Thomas and Mary Snook then purchased 54 acres of prime waterfront real estate including the Boarding House building for £38 10s.

They converted the building into a Pub and Hotel, naming it The Belvidere Hotel.

(The original name Belvidere was spelt with an "i" and was changed some years later to "Belvedere". Mary took over the license in 1903 after Thomas's death and managed the hotel until 1909.

John.A Atkins purchased the hotel in 1909 and again renovated.

In 1925 Jeff. J. Landy purchased the hotel and held it for ten years before selling on to Mrs Sarah .C Hook who ran the hotel until May 1936.

It was then sold to Vincent H. Jeffs Snr. who then sold it to George R. Cramer in 1937.

Photos from our Pictorial History of Redcliffe Book 1824-1949 - available to purchase at the following link:

In 1940 the 50 year old building was sold for £125 and updated with a modern structure of the Art Deco Style, and the build cost was £4000.

In August 1949, thieves committed Redcliffe’s largest robbery, carrying off a safe at the hotel containing £815. and neither the safe or money were ever found.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Champ were the proprietors at the time.

Other owners included: Mr. and Mrs. T. O'Donnell (bought for £30,000 in 1950) Mr J. C. Marchant (bought for £45,000 in 1952)

The Bee Gees boys played at the hotel in 1959:

In 1966 Castlemaine Perkins acquired the Hotel and in 1992: The Hotel was owned by Allan Scott who hired Wes Wright to manage the venue.

By 1998 Mr Wright bought the license, and it was then sold to current owners the Drinx Group in 2003

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