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Humpybong School History

Updated: Jun 17

The first provisional school in Humpybong was erected and opened on February 1st 1876 on a southern section of the site fronting Duffield Road - The "bark shanty" structure was made of slabs with a shingle roof and was 10ft x12ft in size.

For an extensive history of the early schools please click on the following link:

The current Humpybong School was opened on March 29th 1909 between Ernest and Mabel St. The school room was 40ft x 20 ft with 2 verandahs 9ft wide. The first teacher was William Thomas Bradfield (29th March 1909 to 15th August 1916, followed by Arthur John Stapleton (1st October 1916 to 1930), and the first student to enrolled was Eliza Pikett.

Creek running through Langdon Park and through Humpybong infants school grounds. Photo:George Mewes.

1926 Humpybong School children in fancy dress. From left Allan Kroll, C Kroll, B Cosman, W Moran, A Kroll, Ron Lovell, Myrtle Manley. RLPC-000-00066

1926 Humpybong School Fancy Dress Ball in the original Picture Palace opposite the Jetty.



The new wing of the Humpybong State School was officially opened by the Minister for Public Instruction (Mr. T. Wilson) this afternoon, in perfect weather. The school was decorated with bunting, wattle, and Virginia creeper, and a very large number of parents and guardians attended.

The Mayor (Alderman James Johnston),

in introducing the Minister to the visitors,

expressed the gratification it gave him

to welcome the Minister and Mrs. Wil-

son to the school, and gave a brief resume

of its early history.


"The Department aims at giving equality of opportunity, as far as possible, to all children, not omitting those who, for some reason or other, have had their progress retarded," said Mr. Wilson, in his address. In all communities there was a proportion of children whose intelligence was below the average, who developed later in life than others, or who had been kept back through sickness or through lack of opportunity. To meet the special circumstances brought about in these ways, special types of classes, known as "opportunity classes,'' had been established in selected centres. The teachers of these classes were specially selected, and the teaching was mainly individualistic. It was probable that classes of this type would be established in other centres in the coming financial year.. Turning to the facilities which the new wing of the Humpybong School would supply, he pointed out that the first school at Humpybong was opened on February 1, 1876, and the first teacher was Mr. Thomas Arkins. He, however, remained there for only four months, and was succeeded by Mr. J. F. Elliott. The enrolment, when the school was opened, was about 24, and even in 1909, when Mr. Bradfield took charge of the new school on the present beautiful site, the attendance was only 43. The enrolment for April last was 124, and he thought the additional wing would provide ample accommodation. After the Minister's speech, little Joyce Benfer presented a bouquet of roses to Mrs. Wilson, on behalf or the children. The secretary of the School Committee (Mr. C. G. Graves) proposed a vote of thanks to the Minister, which was carried by acclamation, as was also a similar vote to the ladies' committee (Mesdames Kroll, Morgan, Graves, and Belcher). Amongst those present were the Mayor (Alderman James Johnston), and Mrs. Johnston, Alderman Crawford, Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Minto, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Whitehouse, Mr. Eric Whitehouse, and Miss Whitehouse, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Stapleton and Miss Stapleton, Dr. and Mrs. Brockway, Mrs.Francis, Mrs. C. W. Russel, Mrs. H. Corscadden and Miss Corscadden, Mrs. P. A. Mackenzie, Mrs. Benfer, Mr. J. Yates, Alderman Woodcock, Mr. and Mrs. Belcher, Mrs. Kroll, Mrs. M. A. M'Farlane. Mrs. Buchanan, Rev. A. W. King, Mrs. King, andMiss King, Rev. J. Hockey and Mrs. Hockey, Mrs. R. Grant. Mr. W. J. Stewart, Mr. Mitchell, Mr John May, Mesdames Pillinger, W. H. Harris, W. B. Rawlinson, Cox, Dixon Cox, Messrs. Stout, Roebuck, and Rylett (secretary to the Minister for Public Instruction). Apologies were received from Mr. R. J. Warren, M.L.A., and Mrs. Warren, Mr. B. M'Kenna, Mr. L. D. Edwards, Mr. J. E. Dunn and Mrs. Dunn, Alderman and Mrs. Sampson, and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar B. Greenup.

Humpybong School class c. 1928


1928 School Jubilee:

"Humpybong School Jubilee An Historic Occasion.

The Humpybong School grounds were the Scene of a large gathering of old and young scholars, residents and visitors, on Friday last, September 7, the occasion for the gathering being the celebration of the jubilee of that institution of learning.

The weather conditions were simply perfect. During the forepart, of the day a number of shade trees were planted about the grounds by pupils and teachers, as is customary on Arbor Day.and a programme of athletic sports, in which the whole school participated, provided first-rate entertainment for the youngsters, who were also supplied with lunch by the school committee and friends.

Among those present were Mr. R. J. Warren M.L.A.. the Mayor of Redcliffe (Alderman S. G. Bailey), Alderman W. Woodcock and Mrs. Woodcock), Alderman J. B. Dunn and Mrs. Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Whitehouse, Dr. and Mrs. A B Brockway, the Rev. A.. W. King and

Mrs. King, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Stevenson, Mr. and Mrs. W. McKillop, Mi. and Mrs. Barron, Mesdames Farrington, L. Filmer, Meredith, Troy, Peters, J. Rogers. W. Rogers, Beedham, Warbrick, Hinks, A. R. Spencer, J. W. Peacock, W. Haskins, R. Young, Mr. and Mrs. F. Cutts, Mr. and Mrs. Collins, Mr. and Mr. I. Fletcher, Mr. and Mrs. J. Boardman, Mr. and Mrs. Cosman, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Rawlinson, Mr. and Mrs. Greenstreet, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hodsdou, Mr and Mrs. Devers, Mesdames Ashmole, J. Cutts sen., J. B. Cutts, H. Corscadden, Muir, Piatt, Trundle, Meltou. Simpson, Williams, sen., A. Williams, Peiper, Gentner, Middleton, T. Haskins and. P. T. Haskins, Corrigan, West. W. J. Symon, Wyllie, Macfarlane, R. Grant. Benfer, Howell Jeffrey, Mr, and Mrs. Waterton, Hubner, Misses King (2), Warbick (2), Taylor, Beedham, Bradbury. Tubbs. B. Manley. Whitehouse. Messrs. S. McWilliams. C Leech. Leeming Burge. Wenborne

The past pupils of 1873, and other old scholars, were entertained at luncheon on the balcony. Mr. A. Stapleton (head teacher) briefly but very heartily welcomed the interesting guests, and wished their day at school might revive happy memories. Mr. C, G. Graves (secretary) also welcomed the old scholars.

The ringing of the school bell was the signal for the commencement of the formalities. Amid impressive silence the head teacher called the roll of September, 1878, as follows: — Catherine V. Dodds, Ida Geraldine Dodds, Mary Jane Long, Mary Jane Long, John Long, Elizabeth Annie Long, Catherine Long, Alice Cutts, Annie Harriett Cutts., Lucy Cutts, Mary Ann Koppe, Sophia Koppe, Ernest Koppe, Isaac Salisbury, Ellen Salisbury, John Adams, Ellen Adams. Mary Ann Adams, Alice Adams. Frederick Tubbs, Harry Tubbs, Florence Tubbs. Frederick James Elliott, Henrietta Helena Elliott, Alfred Henrie Elliott, Emily K. Elliott, William H. Williams, Ada James. Emma Koppe, William James Long, Lucy Annie Tubbs, Elizabeth Ailwood, William Henry Ailwood. Robert Ailwood, Mary Ailwood, Susana Williams. Esther Haskins, and George Cutts.

The following answered their names: — Alice Cutts ( Mrs. Ashmole). Lucy Cutts (Mrs. J. G. M'Gregor. Annie Harriett Cutts (Mrs. Barron), Lucy Ann Tubbs.

Each one of the 1878 pupils the received from Mr. R. J. Warren, M.L.A. (who was then briefly introduced by the Mayor of Redcliffe, Alderman S. G; Bailey) a purple badge upon which, in gold letters, was printed particulars of the jubilee. The present day pupils who were marshalled under a white flag, (who numbered 150) received a white badge similarly inscribed.

Mr. Warren said much water had run under the bridges since 1878. In heartily welcoming back to school the scholars of that time he felt he was expressing the sincere good wishes of the people of Humpybong He wished all old scholars present happy memories,

Addressing the children, he said there were no trams, airships, submarines or wireless fifty years ago— and women wore crinolines. Great change had taken place ; some for the better, some he did not think much of.

Alderman Bailey reminded the children that the scholars of 50 years ago had not the advantages they possessed. In his opinion in no other part of the world had children better opportunities. He urged them to make the most of their school hours, and endeavour to profit to the full by their teachers' efforts on their behalf, the importance of which would be fully revealed to them later in life He concluded by asking all parents of school children to send them to school regularly.

The list of head teachers of the school is as follows: — Thomas Arkins (1/2/7) to Joseph F. Elliott (13/7/'76 to 31/3/78) when the bark shanty school was closed.), John Dowling (1/9/78 to 4//4/'79), Jacob N. Jones (11/6/'79) to 16/3/'80), Thomas Pearce (16/8/'80 to 31/12/'85), Dennis Spillane (15/2/30 to l/3/'89.j, Julia Connolly (8/7/'89 to 7/4/96), Marguretta Stevenson (17/4/96 to 2-5/3/'09. when the provisional 'school was closed) William T. Bradfield 29/3/'09 to 15/8/10), A J, Stapleton (1/ 10/' 16 to the present day).

The school which the late Mr. Ashmole conducted did not come under the jurisdiction of the department.

The present staff comprises Mr, A. J. Stapleton, Miss F. L. Taylor, Mrs. E. M. Spreadborough and Miss Beryl Manley. The school committee consists of Messrs. P, G. Manley, (chairman treasurer), Mrs. Ruby Morgan. Mrs. Moran, Messrs. T. Weston, A. Belcher, E. Kroll and C. G.Graves (secretary.) The ladies committee comprised. Mesdames Kroll, Morgan, Graves, Moran. Misses Manley and Taylor, Mesdames Beedham Meredith, McKillop and Benfer assisting."

1929 Beryl Manley teacher with Edith Jackson, Gordon Elson, Robertson, Rita Leech, Austin, Bessie Hardy and Jane Howie. RLPC-000-000039

1929 Humpybong School

1930 Humpybong School

1930 Humpybong School

1930 Humpybong School

1930 Humpybong School

1930 Humpybong School

1930 Humpybong School

1930 Humpybong School

1940 Humpybong School grade 7.


To download a pdf file of the 1939-43 Humpybong School register click on the following link:

humpybong 1939
Download PDF • 16.58MB

1948 Humpybong School Fife band

1948 Humpybong School Fife band

1948 Humpybong School grade 7.

1950 Grade 7 class

Left to right.

Row Four

Neville Hudson. Evan Evans. David McMahon. Alan West. Colin James. ? ? ? ? David Brisco.

Row Three. ? Mel Rogers. Gerald Box. ?. Joan Wright. Ada Rogers. ? Mervyn Long. Ellis Porter: Don

Richards. Bob Cotton.

Row Two

?? Margaret Wye. ? Rosemary Guthry. Daphne Waugh. ? ? ? Pam Noble. ?.

Front Row.

Loug Prote Fre Wilsoaler:

1950's Humpybong School marching girls.

1950's Humpybong School Prep class

1950's Humpybong School Grade 2b.

1950's Humpybong School Prep 3b.

1951 Humpybong School grade 7.

1953 Humpybong School Grade 1A


Colin Petersen (Drum protege, child star in the movie Smiley and Bee Gees drummer) attended Humpybong State School from 1953 to 1958 and joined the school Marching Band at the age of 6 as a drummer. A complete biography of Colin's time in Redcliffe and his 4 years with the Bee Gees is at the following link:

A copy of the complete Humpybong School 1953 roll is available for free download the the following link: (Colin Petersen in on page 1 and is listed as living at Aughi Flats - Evelyn St Margate)

Download PDF • 8.74MB


1953 Humpybong School Grade 3


The following is a recording of a Broadcast on Radio 4BH in 1954 with host Johnny Foster of Humpybong State School Musicians, taped by Eldred "Harry" Aravandino (resident of Margate) and the tape was donated by Carol and Delma Aravandino ( both enrolled at the school 1954 to 1959)

It features:

A concert medley from the school band called "Australia" led by headmaster AWL Russell

An explanation of the word Humpybong by John Davidson (grade 8)

"Accordion Parade" with Lynette Moore and Estelle McMillan playing the Piano Accordions with Colin "Smiley" Petersen on on drums.

Robert Passier reciting "Play of the game"

Von Perry ( originally from Queenstown Tasmania 1950) sings the New Zealand hymn Pōkarekare Ana.

Lester Cannon (8th grade) playing Saxophone and Esmae Watson (Grade 7 Fife band member) on piano playing "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes".

Humpybong School Choir.

Lynette Moore recites. "To The Fallen"

Fleur Whitehead (Grade 6A) sings a Fijian song "Farewell"

"The Happy Wanderer" with Lynette Moore and Estelle McMillan playing the Piano Accordions , Edward Low and Colin "Smiley" Petersen on on drums.

Humpybong School Band playing "The Homeland".

Click the link below to listen to the recording:


1954 Humpybong School Fife band

To download a free pdf file of the 1954 Humpybong School register click on the following link:

Download PDF • 13.56MB

1954 Humpybong School Grade 3B (photo by Del Aravandino)

1955 Humpybong State School Class 5B (photo by Del Aravandino)

1955 Humpybong School Grade 4b (Colin Petersen 2nd bottom row 2nd from left)

1956 Humpybong Grade 2A Mrs McLean.

1956 Humpybong State School Class 7B (photo by Del Aravandino)

1957 Humpybong State School Class 8B (photo by Del Aravandino)

Humpybong State School sign

To download a free pdf file of the 1955 Humpybong School register click on the following link:

Download PDF • 11.44MB

The Gibb twins Maurice and Robin (Bee Gees) were enrolled in Humpybong School on the 22nd September for the last term of 1958, before enrolling for the full term of 1959 at Scarborough State School.

A comprehensive history of the Gibb family in Redcliffe can be found at the following link:

A copy of the complete Humpybong School 1958 register is available for free download the the following link: (The Gibb brothers Maurice and Robin are on page 23)

Download PDF • 12.60MB

Humpybong State School Class 5B Photo supplied by Noel Brauer.

1960 Humpybong State School Class 3C Teacher Miss MaClean.

1961 Humpybong State School . Teacher Miss Grace

1963 Humpybong State School Class 6C Teacher Mrs Clarke.

1963 Humpybong State School Grade 7A: Photo supplied by M. Carmody

Back Row: Darryl Wright, S Jordan, R Merker, I Haw, A McAdam, I Eaterman, E Lloyd.

2nd row: D Dennis, C Garrah, N Brauer, J Hobbs, R Horsburgh, E Kirton, P McKenzie, R Lambert, T Brockie.

3rd Row: G Jimmieson, F Graham, A Shannon, D Sutton, P Pascoe. J latter, R Wimberley, Teacher Mike Carmody

Front Row: J Thompson, L Martin, Jan Mason, D Kleidon, Lorraine Nothling, M Parsons, J Wilson.

1966 (October) Humpybong State School Grade 7A: Photo supplied by M. Carmody

Top Row: G.Juster, G Paulting, R Oxford, G Duffy, D Loder, G Ramsey, J Ward, S Graves, R Bell.

2nd row: P Hediger, P Barker, R Latter, P Greavely, J Carey, K Cruckshank, D Crosby, R Russell, J Smoothey, R Bryan, J Parry.

3rd Row: G Mackey, L Solomon, E Thompson, R Rowan, G Bettes, K Allen, D Warry, M Pickers, L Radford, Teacher Mike Carmody

Front row: J Ramsey, K Mills, C Holmes, C Webb, J Clark, C Clarke, K Fleming, L Cottis, L Phil, J Page, A Thurecht, J Rudd.

1967 Humpybong State School Class 3A Photo supplied by Trevor Bond

1967 Humpybong State School Class 3C Photo supplied by Noel Brauer.

1967 (October) Grade 7A: Photo supplied by M. Carmody

Back Row: Phillips Wicks, R Holmes, B Tansey, R Simpson, G Hawkins, J Niven.

2nd row: P Langdon, k Richards, A Morris, G Miller, R Johnson, R Kilt, G Molan, K Jacobson,

3rd row: Teacher Mike Carmody, L Aesendryver, S Brown, E Thompson, J Ballard, J Gill, J Horan, P McGuire.

Front Row: J Jackson, C Temple, S O'Hagen, K Seadger, B Noble, A Foster, N Fuller, W Page, C Cameron, J Walker.

Absent: Julie Trotter, John Downs, Helen Grieve and Darryl Taylor.

1968 Humpybong State School Grade 7A: Photo supplied by M. Carmody

Back Row: Peter Fuller, Leo Murphy, Robin Beer, Greg Finlay, R Longshaw?

2nd Row: Lindsay Brooks, Sydney Kelly, David Daley, Graham Butler, Mark Emmersen, Barry White, Bruce Gentner, David Mewing.

3rd Row: Jennifer Hardy, Karen Hendersen, Janet English, Belinda Roberts, Sandra Cole, Pauline Rowe, Wendy Beutel, Susan Keong, Teacher Mike Carmody

Front Row: Maria Kallas, Donna Manley, Pam Wunsch, Isobel Hoogwerf, Rhonda Miles, Elizabeth Brasch, Susan ?, Diane Mason, Janelle Phil?, Kerryn Koch.

Absent: Wayne Baker, Basil Bainbridge and Billy O'Byrne.

1969 Humpybong State School Grade 7D: Photo supplied by M. Carmody

Back row: Wayne Grady, David Langdon, Stephen Caldwell, Warren Stanaway, Jerome Ashburn?, Jan Murphy, Bradley Macdonald.

2nd row: Neil Richards, Michael Miller, Harold Small, Kent Smith, Leo Brittain, Kim Paget, Wayner Cotter, Ken Smyth, Graham ?, Robert Brereton.

2rd row: Wayne Grice, Elizabeth Hansen, Carla Gage, Bernice Starkey, Debbie Cooper, Pauline Ratcliffe, Diane Jenkins, Carol King, Ann Paterson, Vicki Hayward, Teacher Mike Carmody.

Front row: Yvonne Johnston, Helen Burley, Lyndal Walsh, Debbie Baff, Jane Beatty, Karen Bedford, Susan Johnson, Sandra Guyden, Janelle Smith, Victoria Fairhall, Julie Fancourt.

1969 Humpybong State School Class 1E: Photo supplied by Anita Sykes.

1970 Humpybong State School Grade 7D:  Photo supplied by M. Carmody

Back row: Kevin Charlesworth, John Ferguson, Colin Braybrook, Russell Wakefield, Bruce Jenkins, James Higgins.

2nd back row: Keith Joslin, Noel Ford, Steven Shaxon , James Gill, Trevor Young, Danny Klein, Wayne Crosby, Ken Ward.

3rd back row: Teacher Mike Carmody, Karen Gowley, Debra Hendersen, Gail Coull, Wendy Bishop, Wendy Law, Rhonda White, Kym Evans, Linda Meredith, Lisa Rhodes, Robert McNeill.

Front Row: Jill Parry, Gayle Hinchey, Fern Keegan, Julie Clarke, Deanna Smith, Linda Marsden, Kathy Rudkin, Vicki Bell, Judith Dunstan, Katherine Dunn, Corby McInnes.

1970 Humpybong State School Class 2D: Photo supplied by Anita Sykes.

1971 Humpybong School Grade 1A.

1972 Humpybong School Grade 1a.

1972 Humpybong State School Class 4D: Photo supplied by Anita Sykes.

1972 Humpybong State School Grade 7D Photo supplied by M. Carmody

Back row: Paul West, Graeme Chapman, Robin Meadway, Bernard Hart, Paul ?,

2nd back row: Steven P?, V Rudd?, Michael Harrison, D Barker?, Bell green, Teacher Mike Carmody.

3rd back row: Vicki Kerr, Julie Ford, Linda Taylor, Susan Barter, Margaret M?, Michele Offer, Robyn Gibbs, P? West, Sharon Bainbrigge.

Front Row: Hether Helyer, Donna Reston, Sandra Smith, Susan Heaney, Louise Trotter, Mary Jane Thurecht, Debbie Curran.

1972 Humpybong School classroom

1973 Humpybong School grade 2b.

1973 Humpybong State School Class 5C: Photo supplied by Anita Sykes.

1970's Humpybong State School Marching Girls on Redcliffe Parade. Photo:Jim Fenwick.

1973 Humpybong State School Grade 7D:  Photo supplied by M. Carmody

Back Row: B Muller, R Potter, B Whittaker, Paul Buchan, Michael Madden, ? Toussaint, Leon Andrew, Steven Pridmore.

2nd back row: J Naumann?, S Maracic?, S Arthur, P Keong, R West, J Druery?, Ron Lake, Josef Nadasdy?, R Forrester.

3rd back row: S Kuhl, J Edwards, C Hicks, D Arnold, Yvonne Garrick, D Hutchison, Susan Reynolds, Malcolm Cope, Greg Kroll.

Front Row: E Hall, K Stevens, Sue Ann Hastings, J Smerdon, P McGuire, Kelly Edel?, Rita? Rowling, Ann Kingston, Raewyn Griffin, Leeanne Spiers.

1973 (November) Humpybong State School Fife Band.  Photo supplied by M. Carmody

Back Row: Wayne Potter, Steven Moracic, Graham Arkinstall, Ronald Lake, Robert Kington , Joy Truman, Kelly Endel, Paul Canavan, Simon Baker, Russell Potter, Michael Barnes, Allen Mills.

Second Back Row: Denise Arnold, Larelle Topp, Jennifer Barter, Helen Tester, Debra Slinger, Julie Grieve, Yvonne Garrick, Kerry Dunstan, Anne Kington, Cathy Durdin, Tracy Collins, Sue Anne Hastings, Lisa Smith.

Third Back Row: Elizabeth Hall, Michelle Hassum, Elissa Marendy, Debra Russell, Anne Canavan, Heather M'Wha, Gillian Roger, Tracey Smerdon, Wendy Waddell, Rhonda Brown, Sandra Robertson.

Second Front Row: Robyn Druery, Leeanne Smith, Leeanne Edwards, Anita Sykes, Deborah Kane, Gayle Rowe, Tracey Dunstan, Kathy Marsdon, Kimm Williamson, Sharon Lindinberg, Linda Carmichael, Leeanne Spiers, Leeanne Kruger, Lisa Brauer, Lorraine Small, Deborah Moss, Debra Lee, Susan Harwood.

Front Row: Michele Musarra., Karen Leighton, Kerryn Rowe, Lisa Jackson, Robyn Mills, Debbie Allport, Gail Hannah, Anita Beadsmore, Elaine Stevenson, Katrina Gillespie, Linda Howes, Joanne Osbourne, Wendy Ferguson, Rowena Jones, Kelly Collins.

1974 Humpybong School Grade 3a.

1974 Humpybong State School Class 6A: Photo supplied by Anita Sykes.

1974 Humpybong State School Grade 7D Photo supplied by M. Carmody

Back Row: Greg Robinson, John Truman, Bruce O'Brien.

2nd back row: S Wicks, G Farnsworth, R Kaufmann, S Baker, Glen Truder, David Heaney.

2nd front row: Debbie Kane, Shane ?, M Mick?, R Narraware?, Rhonda Browne, Kevin ?, Lindsay Young, Peter Fitzgerald, Michele Musarra.

Front Row: Stephanie Challis, Linda Carmichael, Tina ?, Bev O'Brien, Kathy Durden, Kina Jury, Rowena Jones.

Absent: Greg Daniels, Graham ?, Lesley Waldock, Fred Duffry?, Nicki Buchan.

1975 Humpybong State School Class 7A: Photo supplied by Anita Sykes.

1975 Humpybong State School Grade 7D

1976 Humpybong State School Grade 1E Photo supplied by Graham Kulldulla

1976 Humpybong State School Grade 4B Photo supplied by Darren Turner

1976 Humpybong State School Grade 2D

1976 Humpybong State School Grade 7D

1977 Humpybong State School Grade 7D:

1977 Humpybong State School Staff

1978 Humpybong State School Infants grade 1D

1978 Humpybong State School Grade 6C

1978 Humpybong State School Staff

1979 Humpybong State School Grade 7D Photo supplied by Darren Turner

Top Row: Michael McIntire, Andrew Peacock

Third Row: Rohan Lambert, Darren Turner, Ryan Jones, Russel Hornsby, Tony Andrews, Mark Brahms, Brian Hayes

Second Row: Michael Cole, Donna Geaney, Cheryl Mann, Michele Armansin, Donna Garvey, Kim Penhallurick, Kay Canavan, Peter Bates, Peter Hancock. Front Row: Michelle Hutch, Loan Dang, Christine King, Carina Girkey, Gay Troyan, Railey Gledhill, Michelle Mann, Petria Sutton, Charmaine Gillespie, Tanya Vermeulen.

1978 Humpybong State School Fife Band Photo supplied by M. Carmody

1979 Humpybong State School Camp 124 students and 7 teachers (22nd to 26th October)

Photo supplied by M. Carmody .

Front Row: Stephen Ramston, Darren Turner, Laurence Munzos, Michelle Linnane, Alison McVie, Sandra Cooper, Katrina Brown, Susan Burnup, Michelle Malander, Adam Potter, Peter O'Byrne, Michael Cole, Anite Ricter.

Second Row: Neil White, Donna Large, Carmel Puckeridge, Martine Zajacek, Leanne Flemming, Mandy Clarke, Wendy Kirkup, Amanda Foxell, Karren Kulldulla, Joanne Kerr, Peter Thomas, Michael Dyer, David Wright, Shane Laverick, David Fairfull, David Lane.

Third Row: Scott Clarke, Kym Young, Jennifer Whiteman, Leanne Bliss, Brendan Southall, Shane Elmore, Peter Murphy, Samantha Krause, Tracey Horner, Creina Gehrke, Kym Penhallurick, Dean Kiley, Barry Walker.

Fourth Row: Mrs Hobbes, Karen Blake, Peter Bates, Shaun McGee, Mark Braham, Rohan Lambert, Steve Lohmann, Anthony Isles, Kylie Rankin, Margaret Goldie, Alison Shellswell, Kym Mackay, Patricia Bean, Kelly Drew, Robyn Littlefield, Simmone Bryson, Mr Fairfull.

Fifth Row;: Mr Hartley, Karen Morris, Karen Kap, Kylie Hogg, Shane Lusk, Phillip Johnston, Brian Shabe, Ryan Jones, Michael McIntyre, David Hughes, Petra Lansdell, Michelle Clarke, Michelle Arminson, Michelle Hutch, Rallie Gledhill, Donna Garvey, Tina Wykes, Julie Bain, Miss Verney.

Sixth Row: Mrs Alibone, Peter Verney, Scott Crompton, Robert Hicks, Wayne Kennedy, Kelvin Couper, Bradley Tate, John Bray, Ken Jones, Peter McLeod, Mark Smith, Donna Guinnie, Kristen Matthews. Charmaine Gillespie, Michelle Mann, Michael Yovich, Cheryl Mann, Congal Vas, Petrie Sutton, Suzanne Eastmont, Annie Verney.

Seventh Row: Jonelle Peace, Loan Dang, Kay Canavan, Kym Dries, Sarah Laurence, John Lang, Tony Andrews, Patrick Fairhall, Mr M Carmody.

Eighth Row: Adrian Gray, Andrew Davies, Ian Seccombe, Lorraine Hair, Kerrie King, Gai Troyan, Tommy Michajlow, Tanya Vermulan, Brian Hayes, Peter Hancock, Andrew Peacock, Corriene Cutts, Kathy Dawes, Leslie Karash, Matthew Finlay, Mr Jensen.


1979 Humpybong State School Fife Band Photo supplied by M. Carmody

Back Row: Mandy Clarke, Leslie Carrash, Laurence Munoz, Sharon Lesly, Alison McVie, Michelle Malander, Cathy Edwards, Jennifer Whiteman, Sheree Bell, Kay Canavan, Wendy Kirkup, Joanne Kerr, Karen Blake, Susanne Eastman, Karen Kulldulla, Michelle Linnane, Judy Colsell, Vicki Dawson, Jennifer Richters, Michelle Roach, Jannelle Pierce, Charmaine Gillespie.

3rd Row: Tara Troyhan, Donna Large, Tony Garlip, Michelle Bliss, Susan Robertson, Fiona Duncan, Tracey Horner, Georgina Richters, Kym Moss, Tanya Olsen, Sharon Saddler, Judith Crouger, Julie Bain, Lisa Isles, Beverly Armfield, Valerie Newey, Sheree Linderburg.

2nd Row;: Desley Fairfull, Michelle Tanner, Kayleen Arndt, Debbie Mackey, Tracey Hassum, Susan Burnup, Rachel Zajacek, Kym Davies, Jennifer Darn,? Karen Morris, Jennifer McIntyre, Angela Houghton, Sue ellen Ward, Gai Troyhan, Eleanor Fisher, Sandra Frost, Lisa Munt, Carmel McDonnelled, Nicola Mosses, Sharon Ramston.

Front Row: Kerrie Ann Turbull, Leanne Vaughan, Jennifer Hasculine, Helen Robbins, David Grant, Rohan Lambert, Peter Thompson, Peter Mcloud, Grant Latermore, John Derwit, Kym Mackay, Kym Dries, Tanya Vermulan, Patrick Fairhall, Shane Lusk, John Bray, David Fairfull, Carol Ramston, Alison Snowdon, Christine Budd, Kirsty Moore.


1979 Humpybong State School Staff

1979 Humpybong State School Grade 7C

1980 Humpybong State School Grade 6C

1980 Humpybong State School Staff

1981 Humpybong State School Camp

1981 Humpybong State School Grade 7C

1981 Humpybong State School Staff.

1982 Humpybong State School 7C

1982 Humpybong State School Staff

1982 Humpybong State School Camp Photo supplied by M. Carmody

1983 Humpybong State School Class 7C

1983 Humpybong State School Camp

1983 Humpybong State Primary School Staff

1983 Humpybong State Primary School Staff

1984 Humpybong State Primary School Staff

1985 Humpybong State Primary School 7E

1985 Humpybong State Primary School Staff

1985 Humpybong State Primary School Camp. Photo supplied by M. Carmody

1986 Humpybong State Primary School Staff

1986 Humpybong State Primary School 6C

1987 Humpybong State Primary School 7D

1987 Humpybong State Primary School Staff

1988 Humpybong State Primary School 6D

1988 Humpybong State Primary School Staff Photo supplied by M. Carmody

Now available is a 53 page downloadable pdf book featuring The History of the first school opened in 1876, the subsequent schools opened in 1877 and 1888 and the history of the current Humpybong School opened in 1909 with class and school photos until 1976.

The book contains historical school and class photos, school rolls, and newspaper articles on the opening of the new wing in 1927 and the reunion in 1928. It also contains a copy of the 1976 Centenary Celebration programme.The ebook can be downloaded at the following link:

A hardcopy of this book is available to view at shop 12a in the Cominos Arcade, 133 Redcliffe Parade.

Photos from the The Pictorial History Of Redcliffe 1950s-80s available at the following link : 

 A page from The Pictorial History of Redcliffe book 1824-1949 : 

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