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John Morgan

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

John Morgan was born in Rotorua, New Zealand in 1957, and lived in Australia for over 25 years. After retirement, John and his wife Lana moved to Redcliffe in 2002.

John was an investigative writer with a diploma in journalism from the Australian College of Journalism. He completed his first book titled Flying Free in 2005 – about life inside a fundamentalist cult.

In his earlier life John was an accountant for various organisations in Auckland and Sydney. Later during the 1990s, he became a retailer operating a shop on Sydney’s northern beaches. Since the 1980s John travelled widely throughout the Pacific, Asia and the Middle East.

He retired in 2003 at the age of 46, after being diagnosed with a severe neurological illness called Multiple System Atrophy. After a year or two of coming to terms with that devastating turn of events, he eventually found that the forced retirement created an opportunity to fulfil a lifelong ambition to write.

Following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997, John developed an interest in the events that had led to the Paris crash. Since 2005 he carried out extensive full-time research into those events and studied the official British police report after it was published in late 2006. John subsequently completed a book on that subject in September 2007 – it was titled Cover-Up of a Royal Murder: Hundreds of Errors in the Paget Report.

Throughout 2008 John Morgan continued his investigations into the crash and closely followed the British inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. That research resulted in the initial volume of work on the inquest entitled Diana Inquest: The Untold Story – Part 1: The Final Journey. Six months later, during 2009, that work was followed up with the second volume Diana Inquest: How & Why Did Diana Die? The third volume, entitled Diana Inquest: The French Cover-Up was published in 2010.

In 2009 John had received a large volume of unpublished documentation from within the official British police Paget investigation. As a result of that he was able – later in 2010 – to compile a dedicated volume entitled: Diana Inquest: The Documents the Jury Never Saw. That book was followed by Part 4, published in 2011, entitled Diana Inquest: The British Cover-Up.

During 2012 John’s health continued to deteriorate, but he was still able to complete and publish two additional books – Part 5, Diana Inquest: Who Killed Princess Diana?and the page-turning summary of the shocking story, Paris-London Connection: The Assassination of Princess Diana.

In early 2013 John was able to complete and add his sixth volume of the Diana Inquest series, entitled Corruption at Scotland Yard.

The Diana Inquest series of books is the result of his thorough research and investigation into the facts of the case. Leading UK QC, Michael Mansfield, who served at the London inquest, has said the volumes will be viewed as the "Magnum Opus on the crash". Uncensored magazine has stated John Morgan is "indisputably the world's leading expert on the assassination of Princess Diana"

2015 Play adaptation

British playwright Jon Conway wrote is a factional drama written by about the death of Princess Diana. Entitled Truth Lies Diana, it opened in February 2015 at the Charing Cross theatre in London’s west end. Parts of the play are based on information from Paris-London Connection and the Diana Inquest book series. John Morgan is amongst the cast of characters featured.

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