First Nations Toora Kerry Kerry/Humpybong/Redcliffe place names and topography map and video c.1824

Updated: Aug 30

Redcliffe First Nations place names and topography map c.1824

Research - Ray Kerkhove - Artwork and Video: Duane Hart.

From a 2018 project mapping the original Redcliffe from an accurate 1840 topography map, sourced from the archives in the history room at the Redcliffe Library. The map created shows original vegetation and creek locations along with the original Ninghy Ninghy place names. The original 1942 government aerial photo was overlayed with modern streets, and this movie is also available to view in the Redcliffe Museum.

The first nations history and original Ninghy Ninghy name of Redcliffe - Toora Kerry Kerry (Bora of the many fish or mullet) was researched by Ray Kerkhove and was located in 2 sources including a Nambucca News article by James Grayson in 1929.

We also have a large map available for public viewing in the Suttons St entrance of the Cominos Arcade.

Photos from the book The Pictorial History Of Redcliffe 1824-1949

Photos from the book The Pictorial History Of Redcliffe 1824-1949

Deception Bay, c.1890, William,, King Johnny, King Fred and King Sandy.

Tom Petrie's Reminiscences . A book published in 1904 by his daughter Constance Campbell Petrie has 2 pages of valuable information at the rear, with original Ninghy Ninghy place names and meanings.

We have a 1904 first edition book in our shop that is available for research and the book is also available as a free pdf at the following link:

petrie remin
Download PDF • 73.23MB

A laminated and framed in wood - 75cm x43 outside frame size poster, can be viewed and purchased from shop 17 in the Cominos Arcade - 133 Redcliffe Parade or can be ordered online at the following link

A 1949 government aerial showing the location of the Bora Rings at Kippa-Ring and the 1956 aerial showing it was no longer visible due to land clearing. 1972 and 1982 aerials show the development.

2 links to interesting information the Bora rings location are at:

Armchairhistories and redcliffetoday

Photos from the book The Pictorial History Of Redcliffe 1824-1949

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