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Brian Krause

Brian Krause was known throughout southeast Queensland as the Birdman of Redcliffe.

He was brought up on the family farm at Rosewood, where he and his brother would supplement the meagre dairy farm income by trapping budgerigars for export.

The Krause's moved to Redcliffe in 195 and it was here that Brian renewed his love for birds.

For more than 50 years Brian worked seven days a week voluntarily looking after sick and injured birds brought to him from Peninsula residents and others from all over south east Queensland. Small donations helped him cover his travel and medical expenses, but he often used his pension money to supplement the money needed.

In 2008 he became an adviser and carer to the Redcliffe and District Wildlife Rescue Group and managed the Duffield Road Bird Refuge for the short time it operated. With the passing of his beloved mother and his continuing ill health , Brian sold his home on Clontarf and retired elsewhere.

He was the first recipient of the Mavis Filmer Award in 1013, for his work in the rehabilitation of local wildlife.

Brian Allan Krause passed away in 2019 aged 73 years and is buried at the Redcliffe Cemetery: PLOT100/H/37


Brian Krause is listed on the wall of the Redcliffe Wall of Fame:

A collection of portrait and information honouring the achievements of individuals who have influenced and shaped Redcliffe. The collection is in the Jetty Arcade at 139-141 Redcliffe Parade.

For a complete list of people who appear on the wall click on the following blog post:

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