Mayleen and Misso Street history

Updated: Oct 14

Misso Street in Margate was named in 1976 after the Misso Family.

Trilby Misso was born on 8th June 1916 in Kandy, Central Sri Lanka, and married Mayleen Phyllis Enid Remeirs on 17th Dec 1939 in Bambalapitiya, Western Sri Lanka.

He arrived in Australia with his family in 1956 and bought a residence in Dunbar St where they lived for the next 25 years.

Trilby was instrumental in the construction of the Olympic sized Redcliffe Memorial swimming pool. After campaigning for the swimming pool he was awarded the foundation patron of the Redcliffe Swimming Club. He was also part founder of the Redcliffe Gold Club , Redcliffe Bowls Club and Legionnaires Society of Redcliffe.

Early aerials showing the development of the land on the corner of Macdonnell Rd and Victoria Ave, including Kirkwood St, Elson St, Buckingham St, Chartwell St and Windsor St.

Misso Street was named in 1976 after the street was developed by Hilton Miss, between Elson and Kirkwood Streets. Streets also showing in this aerial are Magnolia St, Marigold St and Robina St.

John Hodges and Mayor Cecil Kroll discussing town planning with Trilby Misso and unknown gentleman. Photograph taken sometime between mid 1960s - mid 1970s.

.Photo from the Moreton Bay Library Collection RMPC-100\100307

Redcliffe Golf Club Committee 1962. Back from left to right: Lloyd Staff, Bob Jackson, Kevin Butler, Cyril McKenna, Reg Christensen, David Knight (senior), Col Bainbrigge and Harry Austin. Front from left to right: Cliff Vaughan, Pat McCabe, Dick Wightman, Kingsley Misso (senior), Trilby Misso and Theo Sherwood.

.Photo from the Moreton Bay Library Collection RLPC-001\001911

Redcliffe Golf Club Committee and pennant players1961. Back from left to right: David Knight, Col Bainbrigge, Lloyd Staff, Rob Heaney, Alf Harbottle and David Knight (senior). Middle from left to right: Daryl Towerton, Barry Cooke, Trilby Misso, Mike Carmody, Bob Jackson and Harry Austin. Front from left to right: Theo Sherwood, Kingsley Misso, Frank Luddy, Dick Wightman, Pat McCase and Cyril McKenna

Photo from the Moreton Bay Library Collection RLPC-001\001914.

Mayleen Street in Clontarf was named after Phyllis Mayleen Enid Misso who was the wife of well known Redcliffe solicitor and land developer, Trilby Misso. The aerial photos below also show the progression of Mayleen St, Lucinda St, Athena St, Baringa St and Hill Parade in Clontarf from 1956 to 1972

Trilby named the street in honour of his wife in the 1960's and it was part of the Panoramic Heights Estate.

Phyllis Mayleen Enid Misso was born on 8th May 1920 in Matara, Sri Lanka.

Phillis (nee Reimers) and Trilby Misso were married on 17th December 1939 at Bambalapitiya, Western Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka.

She passed away on the 2nd April 2002 aged 81years.

Trilby passed away on the 24th Feb 2009 in Redcliffe aged 92years, and they are buried together in the Redcliffe cemetery.

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