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Large 1 metre aerial photos of Redcliffe Peninsula and suburbs out to Deception Bay

On the 14th August 1956, a series of 120 aerial photos were taken by a photographer flying at a low altitude of 5380 feet, and over the last 2 years, the team at The Photo Restoration Studio in Redcliffe, have painstakingly joined the images together to form a complete detailed early map of the region. They show amazing details with every creek, tree, building and car shown as well as the shadows of people can be seen when enlarged.

They have also now released a set of framed large 1metre wide aerial photos of Redcliffe in 1956, with the street names and iconic locations, included and look great on any wall.

We now have all 11 available, Scarborough, Redcliffe, Margate, Woody Point, Clontarf South, Clontarf North, Kippa Ring, Margate Beach and Queens Beach.

A 50cmx40cm framed poster of Deception Bay from an earlier aerial photo taken in 1950 is also now available online, or at shop 12a in the Cominos Arcade Redcliffe.


Local landmarks included on the map in August 1956 include: Bells Creek, Woody Point Jetty, Bowls Club, Filmer Park, Humpybong Yacht Club, Eildon Croquet Club, Memorial School Of Arts, Belvedere Hotel, Filmers Palace Hotel, Scotts Point, Lahore Hill Reserve, Victoria House and Our Lady Lourdes Catholic School.

Streets include: King St, Maine Rd, Bell St, Thompson Cres, Short St, Inglis St, Prince St, Donald St, McLennan St, Victoria Ave, Georgina St, Bramble St, Clifford St, Brighton St, Arthur St, Collins St, King St, Dodds St, Anning St, Wharf St, Drake St, Blakeney St, Hawthorne St,

View St, Westbrook St, Alfreda St, Ernest St, Kate St, Hardiman St, Bailey St, Ellen St, Annie St, Victoria Esplanade, Whytecliffe Parade, Caroline St, Alfred St, Lilla St, Woodcliffe Cres and Hornibrook Esp.


Featuring the Humpybong School, Red Cross Childrens home, Lahore Park, and Scotts Point and Margate Beaches. Also featuring early streets including Ellen St, Bailey St, Hardiman St, Arthur St, Whytecliffe Parade, King St , Ernest St, Albert St, Eveline St, Mabel St, Duffield Rd, Tramore St, Webb St, Baynes St, Beaconsfield St, Disraeli St, Bank St, McCulloch Ave, Roberston Ave, Cowen St, Langdon Ave, Macdonnell Rd, John St, Suttons St, Greenup St, Ella St and Marine Parade.


Streets included are: Prince Edward Parade, Oxley Ave, Flinders Parade, Griffith Rd, Herbert St, James St, Koch Ave, Alexander St, Margaret St, Osbourne St, Queen St, Dunns Terrace,

Eversleigh Rd, Josephine St, Lancaster St, Silvester St, Baldwin St, Shields St and Grant St.


Local landmarks included on the map in August 1956 include: Scarborough Jetty, Gibb Family home 1959 (Fifth Ave) Scarborough Hotel, Reef Point Villa, Thurecht's Jetty, Bay Theatre (1954-76) Morgan's Pictures ( 1928-35), Short Creek, St Bernadette's Catholic School, Soubirous College, De La Salle College, Scarborough State School and the Bush Childrens House.

Streets shown in 1956 include: Second Ave, Third Ave, Fourth Ave, Fifth Ave, Hobbs St, Fortune St, Moffat St, Warde St, Rock St, Bunton St, Deception Bay Esp ( now Thurecht Pde) North Quay, Seaville Ave, Scarborough Rd, Fernlea Ave, Jeays St, Central Ave, Endeavour Esp, Palmtree Ave, Central Ave, Seaville Ave, Michel Rd, Herne Rd, Brennan Rd,

Sunnyside Rd, Turner St, Mein St, Murphy St, Phillip St, Peterson St, Landsborough Ave, James St, Koch Ave, Alexander St, Margaret St, Osbourne St, Queen St, Prince Edward Parade, Kennedy Esp, Flinders Lane, Flinders Parade, Anderson St, Shea St, Adams St, Griffith Rd, Herbert St, Garnet St, Pearl St, Higlett St, Maryborough Tce, Frank St, Campbell St. Eversleigh Rd, Lucas St, Josephine St, Lancaster Ave, Silvester St and Baldwin St.


Local landmarks included on this aerial include: Hornibrook Bridge and toll booth, Sharkproof Pool and Pavilion, The Peninsula Country Golf Club, Clontarf Beach State School, Bells Creek and Bells Beach.

Streets include: Hornibrook Esp, Bay View Tce, Inlet Tce, Haysmouth Pde, North Coast Road (Elizabeth Ave) Clontarf Ave, Handsworth St, Valerie St, Bradley St, Higham St, Rogers Rd, Croston St, Copson St, Essey St, Long St, Alice St, Silcock St, Frost St, King St, Cathie St, Gerald Ave, Cornelius St,

Belvedere St, Murray St, Ewart St, Roland St, Angus St, Lane St, Evans St, Bright Ave, Watson St, Weaber St, Ralph St, Enoch St, Thomas St, Laura St, Beck St, Isobel St, Vernon St, Yacht St, Maine Rd, Thompson Cr, Bell St, Prince St.


Local landmarks included on this aerial include: Rollerdrome, Queens Beach, Aerated Water Co. Redcliffe Showgrounds, Humpybong Creek, Redcliffe Jetty, Luna Park, Suttons Beach, Suttons House, MacDonnell Creek, Redcliffe Trotting Track, Scarborough State School and Anne Shearer Pre School.

Streets include: Greenup St, Sydney St, Ella St, Jamieson St, Louis St, Dix St, Henry St, Anzac Ave, Suttons St, John St, Marine Parade, Redcliffe Parade, Prince Edward Parade, Anzac Ave, Oxley Ave, Suttons St, Baker St, Violet St, Manley St, Jeffrey St, McNaughton St, Meredith St, Downs St, Irene St, Moreton St, Klingner Rd, Wylie St, Steven St, Grant St, Shields St, Baldwin St, Silvester St, Josephine St, Lancaster Ave, Eversleigh Rd, Dunns Tce, Scarborough Rd, Lucas St,

Joyce St, Shields St, Garsden St, Portswood St, Silvyn St, Sheehan St, Percy St, Tilley St, Mcaneny St, Livermore St, Victoria Ave, Knight St, Plume St, Redbank Rd, Reedy St, Savannah St, Chudleigh St, Macdonnell Rd, Sturgeon St, Dover Rd, Mary St, Plume St, Blackwood Rd, Barron Rd.


Local landmarks shown are Macdonnell Creek, Water Tower, Langdon Park, Humpybong School, Original Webb St Fire Station, Red Cross Children's Home, Margate Theatre, Bells Creek.

Streets include: Macdonnell Rd, Duffield Rd, Victoria Ave, Oxley Ave, Maine Rd, Welsh St, Prince St, Beedham St, Deans St, Prince St, King St, Anning St, Albert St, Cutts St, Dunbar St, Swan St, Dodds St, Leonard St, Sorrento St, Adrian St, Cox St, Alfreeda St, Ernest St,

Eveline St, Mabel St, Ernest St, Baynes St, Tramore St, Webb St, Beaconsfield St, Bank St, McCullogh Ave, Roberston Ave, Brief St, Cowen St, Langdon Ave, Margate Parade,

Blackwood St, Dover Rd, Barron Rd, Joseph St, Chatham St, Joseph St, Ada St, Hale St, Knights Terrace, Jull St, Ewan St, Boyce St, Keenan St.

Margate Theatre on the corner of Albert and Ernest St:


Clontarf North 1956 aerial (between Macdonnell Rd and King St)

Streets include: Macdonnell Rd, Victoria Ave, Elizabeth Ave, Duffield Rd, King St, Maine Rd, Hill Parade, Deans St, Beedham St, Welsh Court, Prince St.


Kippa Ring 1956 aerial (officially named as a suburb of Redcliffe in 1975)

Streets Include: Anzac Ave, Klingner Rd, Boardman Rd, Macdonnell Rd, Kingsford St, Church Rd and Ashmole Rd.


A framed 1950 Deception Bay aerial 16x20" photographic print featuring early streets including Crew St, Seymour St, Sampson St, Endeavour St, Bayview Terrace, Wallin Ave, Balmoral Place, Summer St, Osbourne Terrace, Bailey Rd, Holborn St, Grosvenor Terrace, Silver St, Water St, Maine Terrace and Bay Ave.


We also have the complete 1956 map available as a large framed 1m high print.

Our popular history gift cards are also now available:

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