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Percy Manley - Redcliffe's early hairdresser

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Manley Street is named after Percy George Manley and his wife Agnes, who brought their family to Redcliffe in the early 1920's. Percy had a shop opposite the jetty in Redcliffe and they built a house and raised a family at 20 Downs St, Redcliffe.

Percy George Manley was born on the 17th March 1883 in Bulimba Brisbane.

Agnes Taylor was born on the 5th March 1887 in Laidley Queensland.

They married on the 25th March 1908 in Laidley, Queensland

They had 3 daughters:

Joyce Beryl Wilson (b.1909 in Nanango) Dorothea Muriel Louise (b. Brisbane1911)

Irene Mytle (b. Brisbane1917)

Percy was a choir conductor for the Redcliffe Congregational Church Choir and was a founding member of the Redcliffe Bowling Club.

The photo below shows Jack Beedham and Percy Manley (local hairdresser) outside the Picture Palace.

1923 Percy Manley with Col clearing the land now bounded by Downs Street and Oxley Avenue. Photo from the Moreton Bay Library collection RLPC-000-000665

20 Downs St, known as "Wilsonia"

Manley's Drapery Store on Redcliffe Parade :

The Telegraph - 11th February 1929:

Fire at Redcliffe - Three Shops Destroyed - Early Morning

A serious outbreak of fire occurred about 3 o'clock this morning, when three shops on the Esplanade and their contents were destroyed.

The fire was discovered by Cyril McKillop, a son of the tenants of one of the shops. He quickly gave the alarm, but the fire had too strong a hold when help arrived, and it was impossible to save the shops.

Two of tho shops were owned by Mr. William Plkett, ot Petrie Road, Redcliffe. They were tenanted by Mr. William A. McKillop, who carried on a butchering establishment in one

of them. In the other Mrs. and Mr A. McKillop conducted a cafe and tea rooms. The third shop was owned by Mr Vincent Henry Jeffs; of Petrle Bight, and was tennanted by Mr. Percy G. Manley, hairdresser and softgoods merchant.

It Is understood that the buildings owned by Mr Plkett were insured for £800. The particulars of the Insurance of the contents owned by Mr and Mrs. McKillop are not available.

The stock and fittings of the shop rented by Mr Percy G. Manley were insured for 350. The stock was valued at more than £600. Mr Manley estimates his loss at £300. Mr. Manley, who is treasurer of the Congregational Church, the Masonic Lodge, and the Humpybong School Committee, effected an entrance through a window and was able to save the books of these institutions and his own, but was unable to save any of the valuable stock. The flames reached a great height and caught the cross arms of the telephone poles in the street in front. The post was destroyed, leaving a tangled mass of telephone wires.

c.1930. Manley's Emporium on the left and Corrigan's shop on the right:

Percy was prominent in Masonic circles and played an active part in the Presbyterian Church:

Redcliffe Oddfellows c. 1920:

Lodge members: Back row from left: George H. Corscadden, Bob Thompson, Sam Walker, Tom Haskins, Ernie Palmer. Centre row from left: Bill Rawlinson, Tilley Head from Brisbane, Andy Belcher, Percy George Manley.Front row from left: Ernie Kroll, Alec Hargreaves.

Photo from the Moreton Bay Library collection - RLPC-000\000661

1926 Humpybong fancydress: Allan Kroll, C Kroll, B Cosman, W Moran, A Kroll, Ron Lovell, Irene Myrtle Manley (9 yrs). Photo from the Moreton Bay Library collection: RLPC-000-000668

1929 Humpybong School - Beryl Manley teacher (20yrs) with Edith Jackson, Gordon Elson, Robertson, Rita Leech, Austin, Bessie Hardy and Jane Howie.

Photo from the Moreton Bay Library collection: RLPC-000-000039

C of E Girls Friendly Society Gym Class 1926 inside the original Picture Palace (opposite the Jetty) :

Phyllis, Lil and Mamie Jeffrey, Teene Beedham, Beryl Manley (17yrs), Nancy Strathearn, Dorothy and Ruth King, Martha Gentner, Connie Wilmott, Captain Campbell Brown instructor, Reverend and Mrs King .

Photo from the Moreton Bay Library collection: RLPC-000-000358.jpg

Percy died on 5th May 1962 aged 79 yrs, and was cremated at Mt Thompson Brisbane.

Agnes died on the 4th November 1981 aged 94 years and is buried at Mount Thompson Memorial Gardens and Crematorium, Holland Park West, Brisbane City. 218007549

along with her daughter Dorothea who passed away in 2002 aged 90 years.

Joyce Beryl passed away in 2001 aged 91 years and was cremated at Albany Crk. Mt Thompson, Brisbane.

Irene Myrtle married Robert Anderson (Townsville) in 1945 and lived in Ross, Herbert, Queensland.

For aerials and the complete history of Manley St, click on the following link:

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