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Scarborough Fun Fair 1946-83

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

The Scarborough Fun Fair was started in 1946 by Father B.J. Frawley, catholic parish priest at Scarborough. It was a great social event of the Christmas and Easter holidays at Redcliffe for many years.

The miniature train at the Scarborough Fun Fair in 1954. Father B.J. Frawley with pupils of St Bernadette's Primary School:

In 1960, Monsignor Frawley decided to improve the carnival area. Land was acquired at the rear of the existing property and the old buildings were shifted back about 100 yards and enlarged.

The front area was converted into a mini-golf course and a 14ft wide mini-car track was laid down that was 300ft long.

An overhead bridge gave access to the miniature train. The track was also used as a roller skating rink for many years.

The new fun fair was officially opened by the new mayor of Redcliffe Ald. J.E. Houghton on Saturday 17th December 1960.

The fun fair was closed around 1977 and was demolished in 1983 to make way for a church home for the aged.

A page from out book The Pictorial History Of Redcliffe 1950s-80s available at the following link :

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Catherine Mahoney
Catherine Mahoney
Sep 17, 2022

Memories from Mark Morrissey.

"My family were the first caretakers at the new Scarborough "FunFair" which opened (I think in about 1960) We lived in the house at 140 Mein Street and my dad Jim was teaching at De La Salle (subsequent caretalers after we left were the Grimley's and the Callahan's (there may have been others, I'm not sure) .... the other of the Mons' "Fun fairs" was actually called Luna Park as I recall and was run by John Duane who also ran the Scarborough Art Union of which the first prize was a house ( I think). some time in the late 60's Luna park was shut down (it was right opposite the Seabrae hotel, down an…

Mar 30
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Have a booklet called eat drink and be Irish written by your dad

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