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Clontarf Beach Estate

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

The street history of Clontarf Beach Estate - 1956, 1958, 1972 and 2021.

In 1958 the estate was subdivided and land was sold for 395 pounds per block.

Brisbane Telegraph article from 1953 regarding the land sale of the Sunnyside Estate and another Clontarf allotment of 34.7 perches on the corner of Laura St and the Hornibrook Highway that sold for 725 pounds.

Cathie St is named after James Cathie White, the husband of Enid Alice Gillwater, sister of Ralph and Robert Gillwater. James was employed to the titles office in Townsville until his retirement in 1960, when He and his wife came to live in Redcliffe.

Laura St is named after Laura Jessie Ham, daughter of Thomas and Mary Ham born in 1864.Laura married her cousin Henry John Collins in 1891.

Enoch St is named after Enoch McKenzie who was a local builder and friend of the Watson and Gillingwater families.

Weaber St is named after Maryanne Weaber ( Mrs Watson) who was the grandmother of Robert and Ralph Gillingwater. The street was approved and named in 1952.

Ralph St is named after Ralph Edwin Gillingwater who came to Redcliffe with his brother Robert after seeing an advert for 3 portions of 20 acres in 1943. The education Department resumed one portion of 20 acres for the Clontarf Beach State High School.

He was born in September 1912 and died in September 2006.

Watson St is named after Maryanne Watson ( nee Weaber) who was the grandmother of Robert Alexander and Ralph Edwin Gillingwater. The Watsons were sugar and plantation owners on the Logan River in the early 1800s.

Bright Ave is named after the Bright family, who lived in the area in the early 1900s.

Thomas St is named after Thomas Job Ham who was born in Devon. He came to Australia in 1842 with his family and settled in Victoria and Thomas became an engraver. He married Mary July Cowlings and moved to Queensland in 1860 where Thomas was appointed as the government engraver and lithographer. Thomas was granter lease for 320 acres on the Lower Alber River in 1864 to grow sugar and became a director of the Pimpama Sugar Company in 1865. He then decided to plant sugar at Redcliffe and developed a plantation on portions 151, 292 and 292. Thomas died in 1870 and the plantation and mill were put up for sale in 1872.

Gerald St is a continuation of the original street in the Gilling-Water Estate and was named by the council in 1952.

Belvedere St is named after the Belvedere Estate that included portion 151 and 153 between Elizabeth Ave and Thomas St Clontarf. The word 'belvedere' means 'a structure designed to command a view'

Cornelius St is named after Cornelius Henry Ham who was the son of Thomas Ham and Mary Jull Cowlings. Cornelius was born in 1867 and married Evelyn Mary Grimley in 1903

This advert along with the 1956 and 1972 aerials, are featured in the book The Pictorial History Of Redcliffe 1950-80s

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