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Tunbridge Wells land Sale map

Tunbridge Wells land Sale map


Tunbridge Wells Estate c. 1900 land Sale map framed 16x20"

"Parish Of Redcliffe- Portion 205 to be sold on the ground"

Thursday 10th December

"Seperation Day - Free Steamer - Free Lunch"

"Few chains from sea. Jetty and beach. Close to recreation Grounds, Post Office & School. Facing formed road chain wide"

Constant and easy access to town"

Map includes William St, Edwardstown St, Marquis St, George St,

Waterloo St, Raby St, Moreton St and Nelson St.


Local Sketch includes: Post Office, Wharf Reserve, Water Reserve, Public Recreation, Church, Cemetary, School.


Available to view and pickup from shop 12a in the Cominos Arcade 133 Redcliffe Parade and various framing options are available.

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