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1883 Whitecliffe, Woody Point reproduction land sale map

1883 Whitecliffe, Woody Point reproduction land sale map


Whitecliffe, Woody Point 1883 reproduction land sale map, mat laminated 16x20

"Being subdivisions of portion 110, Humpybong"

"To be sold by auction by James Cameron on the ground, on Saturday July 28th 1883 at 2.30pm".

"Free trip between Sangate and Humpybong. Railway fare returned to purchaser. Luncheon on the ground at 2pm".

"Terms: One quarter cash , Balance: 6,1 and 18 months with interest at 8 percent".

"Sixty splendid villa and buisiness sites. Centrally situated. Adjoining St Leonards and the Government village of Margate. In close proximity to the Jetty and the Main Beach".

Featuring Ellen St, Georgina St, Kate St, Main Coast Road (Oxley Ave) and the Esplanade , 1/2 chains wide (now Gayundah Esplanade)

Also showing on a location map: Annie St, Caroline St, St Leonards St ( now Alfred St) Lilla St, Woodcliffe Cres, Victoria Esplanade (now Gayundah Esplanade) and Picnic Point

Available to view and pickup from shop 12a in the Cominos Arcade 133 Redcliffe Parade and various framing options are available.

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