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Strathdon Estate -King St, Dodds St, Albert St, Cutts St, Margate history

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Strathdon Estate 1922 Woody Point land sale map:

"Strathon Estate - overlooking Margate Beach, Woody Point"

"Sale on the ground - Easter Saturday 15th April 1922"

"2.30 pm sale of stock and implements & Motor Car at 12 noon"

"Within 10 minutes easy walk of the New Woody Point Jetty. Only 3 minutes from Margate Beach. The safest bathing beach in Moreton Bay"

"136 Select seaside sites, including good house with wide verandahs and outbuildings. Also 5000 gal. underground tank"

"Motor Bus and Cards pass estate"

"On the highest position in Woody Point"

Streets shown include Albert St, Arline St (Dodds St ) King St, Main Coast Road (Oxley Ave)

Future streets on this estate include: Dodds St, Anning St and Alfreda St.

Landmarks shown include : Redcliffe State School (Humpybong) Public Bathing Houses. Mr Benfer's farm , Bananas, Pineapples and Lemons."

1951 Refidex:

1956 aerial:

King St is named after King Edward VII ( reigned 1901-1910) who succeeded his mother, Queen Victoria , at the age of 60.

Albert St is named after Prince Albert Victor, first son of the Prince and Princes Of Wales, Later Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. The street was named on the occasion of Prince Albert's visit to Australia, while on a world cruise, in 1880/1882.

Cutts St is named after the Cutts family, who we're a pioneer family in Humpybong (Redcliffe)

Charles had a sailing boat service to Sandgate in 1870's and also a mail carrying contract.

In 1883 they built a house on the Cowes Estate in Clontarf. Charles won the contract for clearing the cemetery in 1891 and established a general store near the waterfront in Redcliffe in 1896.

Cutts St was named Ellis St up until 1953.

For a complete history of the Cutts family - click on the following link:

Dodds St is named after the the Dodds family:

They purchased portions 202, 203, 213 and 213 being 242 acres (98 hectares) in 1869, and set up a sugar plantation and mill with the help of Tom Snook. The raw sugar was loaded into cutters at a place on Saltwater Creek above Clontarf and then taken to Brisbane for sale.

The venture was eventually not a success financially and was put up for sale in 1876.

John gained employment with the Government audit office in 1874 where he remained until his retirement in 1904.

For a complete history of the Dodds family in Redcliffe , click on the following link:

This map is available as a framed 16x20" print at the following link:

All available to view and pickup from shop 17 in the Cominos Arcade 133 Redcliffe Parade and various framing options are available.

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Catherine Mahoney
Catherine Mahoney
Oct 13, 2022

Success this time! Front and back of 46 Cutts Street Margate some time in the mid 50s. That's my grandmother Ivy Beahan standing in the doorway of the laundry area.


Catherine Mahoney
Catherine Mahoney
Oct 13, 2022

Hi, Duane. Thanks for this. My grandparents lived at 46 Cutts Street and maintained a small farm plot on the block next to it (probably what is now 48 Cutts Street). They would have been living there at the time the image was captured. I tried to add images but wasn't successful. Not sure why. Cheers. Catherine.

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