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Dalton Farm. Dalton St , Beach St, Oleander St and Marsala St history

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Herbert Edward Dalton and his wife Ellen and family, moved to Redcliffe from Cairns in 1954 after purchasing 21 acres, part of portion 209, bounded by Anzac Ave, Ashmole Road, Porter Street, and Houghton Ave, from Harry Bay.

Herb built a house at 39 Ashmole Road, and his parents took up residence in an old house on the site of the present Uniting Church at 1 Richens Street near Anzac Ave.

The farm produced pumpkins and tomatoes and there was a dam for irrigation.

Herb was a member of the Redcliffe AH & I Society for 14 years from 1955 and was president from 1965 to 1969.

After 15 years he retired from farming and the land was prepared for sub-division.

Aloomba, Meerawa and Yattee streets were named after place names in the Cairns district and Farm Court was also part of the estate.

Other streets included on the former farmland include: Williams St, Richens Court, Cinnamon Court and Esperanto St.

Robert Dalton Park was named in memory of their 17yr old son who was killed in a car accident on 21st September 1969 (Redcliffe cemetary plot 2/A/1).

Dalton Street in 1962, was named after the family after originally being known as Main Street.

Herbert passed away on 17th Feb 2003 at 85 years and his wife Ellen Jessie 3 years later on 8th May 2006 aged 79 years.

They are buried together in the Redcliffe Cemetary. (Plot 105/LL/38)

Dalton Street , Beach St, High St , Oleander St and Masala St history:

Oleander St is named after the popular name for nerium, a very useful group of plants that will grow in all conditions, from marsh to extreme heat and dryness.

Marsala St is named after a light wine resembling sherry, originating in Marsala, Sicily.

Dalton St was originally called Main St, and the name changed in 1952.

1951 Refidex:

5 Dalton St in the 1960's, and 8 Dalton St in the 1970s:


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