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West Clontarf 1915 Map showing farms and wells dug for Sugar plantations:

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

A recently discovered Clontarf 1915 land Sale Map,

"24 Magnificent seaside Farms. To be sold by public auction in the Port Office Auction Mart Monday 7th June 1915 at 11 O'Clock. Rich red chocolate soil ridges & black soil flats, First class Banana, Lucerne & Potato Land. Excellent fishing and bathing within 10 minutes walk of the property".

Streets include: Duffield Rd, King St, Cornelius St.

Local landmarks include: Green Street Bananas, Apiary & Orangery, Reserve, barbed wire fence, cottage , various local wells, gates fences and house (former Kislingbury and then Silcock residence called "Oakwood") , Hayes Inlet.

Portions 270-273 to the north of Duffield Rd.

Portions 274-278, south of Duffield Rd.

Portions 279-283 north of King St.

Portions 284-287 between King St and Cornelius St.

Portions 288-290 west of Cornelius St.

The farms were orginally Sugar Plantations and farms in the 1870s owned by a few families names including : Kislingbury, Silcock, Board, Cutts, Long, Anderton, Hooker, Huesman, Fyfe and Williams.

It features the farms and land west of what is now Elizabeth Ave south of Macdonnell/Duffield Rds , and north of Corrnelius St.

The land would later become Clontarf Beach School in 1950, the Golf Course, Kroll Gardens, the waster transfer station and sewerage works, Rae Frawley Fields, Christian Outreach Centre, and streets now in the original farmland include Frost St, Bradley St Rogers St, Copson St, Essey St, Long St, Alice St and Silcock St, and to the north - Brewer St, Huntington St, Grice St (south) Robson St , Sykes St, Commerce Court, Burwood Tce and Kilby Tce.

The map can be viewed and purchased at:

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