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Early Redcliffe bus history

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

"There is now a direct bus service from Redcliffe to Brisbane ( said the newspapers of 1924) and this is a picture of the vehicle and personnel involved. The serice developed from the redcliffePetrie route begun in 1922 and the STAR's feature commemorating this half century of hard work and worry and the building of this new Redcliffe headquarters, in contained in this issue. Nearest Vulcan steering wheel are the Eldridge brothers, bodybuilders, alongside the late H.A. Elson entrepreneur of the transport link. Then from left to right are Messrs. Bennett, J.H. Elson and the first Brisbane driver, Mr T. Tebby. The latter is identified and the "Tom Tebby" who attended Humpybong School in the 1880's. The picture was taken in front of the Brisbane Orient Hotel. The solid tyres on the Vulcan were later changed over to pneumatics."

Passengers leaving the Redcliffe to Petrie bus at Woody Point ca.1930

From the Hart family collection. Displayed at the Redcliffe history collection at shop 12a in the Cominos Arcade Redcliffe.

An original Redcliffe to Petrie bus ticket

discovered in the renovation of a Shield St house and was donated to our shop history collection display in June 2023.

Painting of Redcliffe Bus,1930 (Ford) by J. Andersen in 1984.

From the Moreton Bay Library Collection: MBPS-0005-025

The Sandgate to Redcliffe green/cream bus Photo by Jack Eagle.

Elson's Redcliffe Garage and Service Station advert from the 1932 Redcliffe Tourism Guide

Original Roma St to Suttons Beach bus tickets: from the Dave Elsmore collection.

Leyland Comet bus in the Scarborough area.

No.16 Bus (Make is a White) was driven by Leo Annet. No.21 Bus (Make is a White) was driven by Bill Robinson. No.12 Bus (Make is a Leyland) was driven by Roy McVeigh. No.6 Bus (Make is a Diamond Reo.) was driven by Frank Thorne. And No.20 Bus (Make is a White) was driven by George Horsefall. From the Moreton Bay Library Collection: RMPC-101\101236

Hornibrook Buslines main office in Sandgate with No.5 parked in Rainbow Street and Trailer No. 24 in front of office. From the Moreton Bay Library Collection:RMPC-101\101233

Hornibrook bus No. 24 Sandgate to Scarborough photographed in front of the Sandgate Post Office. The bus ran from Sandgate to Clontarf, Woody Point, Scotts Point, Margate and Redcliffe and back to meet the trains at Sandgate.

From left to right are drivers Frank Thorne, Bill Robinson, Leo Annet and George Horsefall. Conductor is Ken Austin at the door of the bus.

From the Moreton Bay Library Collection: RMPC-101\101237

People boarding the Hornibrook bus that ran from Sandgate to Scarborough and back.

From the Moreton Bay Library Collection: RLPC-002\002201

September 1964. 3 Leyland buses near Ampol Service Station.

From the Moreton Bay Library Collection: MBPS-0005-072

In January 1986, Hornibrook purchased four Volvo B10MA articulated buses which had seen short service in Japan for the Tsukuba service. These high capacity vehicles were deployed into the highly populated city services. On April 1986 a vacant block of land at Grice Street in Clontarf was purchased from the Redcliffe City Council in order to establish a new depot and office facility. The new Clonatrf depot officially opened in June 1986 at a cost of $1 million which was in part financed by the sale of the Klingner Road premises. Hornibrook Bus Lines General manager Ray White( right) pictured taking delivery of the first of four new new Volvo B10MA articulated buses bodied by Fuji Heavy Industries in Japan. Photo Ray White collection.

Dixie at Redcliffe with the original Dixielee day tour bus travelling from Redcliffe to Gold Coast

From the Moreton Bay Library Collection: RLPC-001\001186

Second bus purchased by Dixielee Tours parked at 36 Louis Street Redcliffe.

From the Moreton Bay Library Collection: RLPC-001\001184

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