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Redcliffe Margate Woody Point c.1925 framed map 20x14"

Redcliffe Margate Woody Point c.1925 framed map 20x14"


A detailed map of Redcliffe, Margate and Woody Point c.1925 showing details of the buildings and shops of the time.

Featuring at Woody Point: Boarding House, Store, Picture Theatre on Alfred St, Trains Store, Belvedere Hotel, Woody Point School of Arts, Lorneigh Guest House, Congregational Church, Palace Hotel, Warrens Store, Marina Silvester's Cottage. 

Featuring at Margate: Robinsons Jetty, Fernylawn guest house, 

Church Of England, Scotts Point store, Jackson's Jetty, Blackrocks, Redcliffe State School (Humpybong) Dr Brockway, Iceworks, Macdonnell Road bridge, 

Featuring at Redcliffe: Orient House, Hurley House (later Suttons House) Suttons Beach, Firewood Depot, Kiosk, Church Of England, Seabrae Boarding House, Blacksmiths, Garage, Congregational Church, Bakers, Hardys Motor Repairs, R.C. Church, Chemist, Redcliffe Hotel, Moreton Bay Hotel, Butcher, Picture Palace, Redcliffe Jetty, Plumber, Shelter Shed, Redcliffe Sports Grounds (Showgrounds) Centenary Park, Humpybong Creek and bridge, Town Council Office, Police Station, Redcliffe Post Office and the Railway Reserve.

Available to view and pickup from shop 17  in the Cominos Arcade 133 Redcliffe Parade and various framing options are available.

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