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Framed Beldon Estate map (Queens Beach) 1921

Framed Beldon Estate map (Queens Beach) 1921


Beldon Estate (Queens Beach) land sale map 1921 reproduction mat laminated 16x20" (50x40cm) mounted and framed.

"For Sale By public auction on the ground, Boxing Day 26th December 1921. at 2pm. Ideal Seaside sites and house containing 8 rooms (fully furnished) Safe bathing, rod fishing, Right On the beach."

Land shown is north of Donkin St, Scarborough and east of Oxley Ave.

"The portion of this estate was known for a long time as the residence of the late Mr Henry Donkin"


Available to view and pickup from shop 12a in the Cominos Arcade 133 Redcliffe Parade and various framing options are available.

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