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Edwardstown Humpybong c. 1902 framed land sale map

Edwardstown Humpybong c. 1902 framed land sale map


16x20" (50x40cm) mounted and framed mat laminated print.

Edwardstown Humpybong c. 1902 land sale map for land east of the Cemetary on Church St to what would become Trilby St and between what would become Henzell St and Macdonnell Rd.

Portion 200 advertised as "Church on adjoining portion, National school 2 portions away. Post Office half-a-mile away . Three coaches run weekly"

Featuring early streets including Edwardstown Parade (now Church St) Arthur Parade (now Henzel St), Centre Parade (now Centaur St) Cross Parade (now Kingsford St) Kennedy Parade (now Trilby St) and the first church location. Modern streets and parks included on this map include Church St, Centaur St, Fraser St, Dougles St, Tracey St, Atkinson Park, Kingsford St, Nicholson Ct, Weston St, Abelia Cr, Trilby St Henzell St and Macdonnell Rd.

Available to view and pickup from shop 12a in the Cominos Arcade 133 Redcliffe Parade and various framing options are available.

From the Pictorial History of Redcliffe 1824-1949 book.

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