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Rothwell history aerial movie 1949-2022

Updated: Jan 24

A video showing the progression of Rothwell from 1949, 1987 and a modern 2022 overlay:

The suburb is named after the president of the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland, Thomas James Rothwell, who in 1921proposed a memorial drive marked by an avenue of trees to Redcliffe via the upgraded main road known as Anzac Avenue.

Rothwell died on 28th January 1928 and his involvement with the Avenue was honoured on Sunday 9th April 1933 with the unveiling of the Rothwell monument by the Queensland Governor, Sir Leslie Wilson.

This stone obelisk was placed on a small triangular piece of land at the intersection of Anzac Memorial Avenue and the Deception Bay Road, later moving to nearby Rothwell Park when a roundabout was built on the original site.

Rothwell was officially named as a suburb by the Queensland Place Names Board on 1st July 1970.

Grace Lutheran College opened on 31st January 1978 with 15 students under teacher Viv Kuhl at Grace Lutheran Primary School at Maine Rd, Clontarf, and in 1980, the College moved to its present site on Anzac Avenue in Rothwell with Mr Fred Stolz as the first Headmaster, five teachers and 55 students.

Mueller College was developed as a ministry of the Mueller Community Church.

The College commenced in 1990 using temporary accommodation while its first primary school building was being constructed. Students and staff moved into the new premises at 75 Morris Road, Rothwell, in January 1991.

In 25 years, the College has grown to over 1400 students covering Prep to Year 12

The history of Redcliffe Aerodrome can be found at the following page:

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