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Redcliffe Football Team on Redcliffe Oval / Showgrounds. Photographs taken in 1949 - 1950.

Restored photos from the Redcliffe Museum Photographic Collection of red and blue teams playing at the original Redcliffe Oval/Showgrounds in 1949-50.

A movie showing the photos, spectators and cars at the Redcliffe Showgrounds in 1949/50 :

Redcliffe Football Club at the oval / showgrounds. Red Team versus Blue Team - Dave Ridgeway in Blue (3rd from left), Les Juster in Red (No. 5), Jim Harris in Red (Captain - on right of No. 5) and in the foreground is Ron Hovelroud cuddling Bill Shepard in Red. Photograph taken in 1949 - 1950.

Redcliffe Football Club - Red (A) Team. People in photograph from back row: D. Kuhl, A. Hovelroud, L. Juster, R. Phillips, T. Barry. Middle row: K. Cotter, D. Ridgeway, J. Johnson, R. Smith, G. Thompson (Hon. Sec), N. Goodwin (Asst. Sec). Front row: C. Edwards, L. Richardson (President), W. Sheppard, L. Grant (Patron), D. Blair. Absent: J. Harris (Capt), W Smith

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