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Redcliffe Aerodrome history

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Norm Thurecht and Colin Bainbrigge with help from Kevin Tibbitts and the Redcliffe City Council instigated gaining DCA approval for the site and in 1965 approval was granted for an airstrip in Redcliffe. The first aircraft to land at Redcliffe was in 1967, and the move to create an Aero club commenced. The works required to achieve this was eventually completed and licence was granted on the 8th October 1971.

The Club’s first hangar was constructed in April 1972. That year the field was inundated by king tides which ultimately led to the Redcliffe City Council constructing the levee bank we see today.

1972 was the first time the Redcliffe airfield was listed in the DCA publications. Initially, club training was a shared arrangement with Mr. Norm Thurecht’s Redcliffe Flying Service.

The first office was shared between the two organisations and was originally a building moved to the airfield from Krebs Sawmill and was located adjacent to Nathan Road,which was then a barely passable track.

Subsequently, a new building, which exits today as the fibro building located to the west of the clubhouse was constructed. The task was undertaken by Mr. Graham Keilor and Mr. John Farrell and commenced in February, 1973.

The Club benefited from the generosity of Mr. David Eban, who offered a building he had acquired for use as a clubhouse. The offer was accepted and on the 18th November 1978, the Club moved premises.

Information from the Redcliffe Aeroclub website:

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