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Early 1889 Humpybong Land sale maps and the proposed railway.

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

At a time when Humpybong was being developed as an agricultural reserve in 1886 a railway was proposed to link it to the Petrie line,

In 1889, some of the local landowners had land sale advertisements and maps drawn up to sell land in the rail corridor, hoping to profit from the land location to a proposed development of what would later become the Redcliffe peninsula.The handful of these maps we have been able to source from this time, show some fascinating information on local churches, schools, cemetery, shops and the few houses built at this time.

Some of the early estate maps include Hastings (Clontarf north) , St Kilda (Kippa Ring south) Isle of Man (Deception Bay south west) Church Hill Estate, Dover Cliff (map and location has never been located) and these early maps all appear in an 1889 Brisbane Telegraph advertisement, all mentioning the proposed rail line.

Some estates were developed as the Hastings Estate went on to become North Clontarf industrial estate in the 1880's.

St Kilda Estate is now the residential land east of the existing cemetery

Church Hill Estate also adjoined the St Kilda Estate to the west of Elizabeth St:

Others were never developed and the Isle of Man estate is still mangroves and follows Saltwater Creek just west of Anzac Ave.

O'Connell Town c.1881 was north of Anzac Ave and West of Ashmole Rd:

An animated colourised lithograph from 1888 Picturesque Atlas Of Australia

We currently have all land sale maps available to view at shop 17 in the Cominos Arcade 133 Redcliffe Parade.


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